CIPHE Look to stop the confusion surrounding Gas Boilers!

Here at Able Skills we have been teaching Gas training courses for almost 20-years. It is important to us that we keep up-to-date with what's going on in the industry. Gas Engineers may have been confused recently by the government when a clerical error, a promise to outlaw gas boilers in new homes by 2023 was accidentally included in their Ten Point Plan to increase future home standards. This statement has now been removed/deducted from their plans. Originally they said  that all new developments in the UK are required to be nearly zero-energy buildings before 2021 and that central heating appliances in all newly built properties will be banned, and will therefore require an alternative heating source such as a heat pump or hydrogen powered boiler. This means that until this comes into effect Gas boilers can still be installed in new builds and as for existing properties it looks like regular Gas boilers can be installed into the foreseeable future...

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So, don't panic it looks like Gas boilers are still going to be used for a long time and will need to be installed in thousands of properties on a regular basis. The move towards new, more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives will come into effect at some point in the future but for now it is a big ask. Not to mention everything else going on these days. The CIPHE says that the government is listening to industry on how to proceed. With pledges to increase heat pump manufacturing to 600,000 units per year by 2028 and manufacturers rising to the challenge to convert boilers to hydrogen, the industry is on course for rapid technological change. Here at our training centre we will continue to do our part in the industry by producing high-quality, competent and professional Gas Engineers!

Thinking about a career as a Gas Engineer?

Thinking about making a change? Starting a new career? Working as a Gas Engineer is a great opportunity for solid earnings and a rewarding profession. We aim to make the process from beginner to qualified as straightforward as possible. Which is why we group all of the necessary training and assessments in preparation for Gas Safe Registration into packages. Our New Entrant Gas Training Package 2, for example, includes 7-weeks of both practical learnings and theory sessions, portfolio completion and an ACS assessment. All of the stages you need on your way to registration. Our instructors are experts in trade and will be there to guide you the entire way, all equipment, materials and so on will be provided for you. After your initial 7-weeks of training you will need to find an Engineer to work alongside in order to collect evidence of yourself working on the tools.

Want to get started?

Currently we have spaces on our New Entrant Gas Training Package 2 starting in March from either the 8th or 15th, we also have space on the course starting on June 14th in 2021! Booking Gas courses or any of the training that we offer is simple. You can give us a call on 01322 280 202 - Over the phone we are here to help and will be happy to explain courses in further detail, answer any questions and process your booking. You can alternatively visit our centre in person, whilst here we can again, answer questions, generally help you on picking the right course and secure your place on a desired training course. Finally, you can many of the courses that we offer online. Take a look through our website, on each course page there is a button 'Reserve your Space' where you can see available starting date and confirm your details. Take a look a below at the online booking form specifically for this New Entrant Gas Training Package...

Need to know more?

If you would like more insight into this course or any of the Gas training courses that we teach, feel free to call us on 01322 280 202 - We are happy to assist you in any way that we can, whether you have some questions or simply want to secure your place on a course with us. We also encourage anybody interested in training with us to visit our centre in person, whilst here we can have a conversation about training options and even take you on a guided tour around our workshops so that you can gain an understanding of what to expect from us. We are open 7-days-a-week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! 

If you live outside of the local area then you may be interested in our accommodation for the duration of your Gas courses or any other training. Our accommodation properties are all within a short walking distance of our centre and have quick access to local amenities. The properties will provide you with your own fully furnished room with washing facilities and TV. There are several bathrooms/WCs as well as fully fitted kitchens and a dining areas to eat and/or meet your fellow students. - If you are interested make sure that you contact us well ahead of your starting date as spaces are limited and tend to go quickly!


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