Combined Plumbing & Gas courses available in April next year!


There has never been a better time to take a chance and change careers! With such uncertainty around employment with furlough schemes and high-unemployment rates why not take matters into your own hands, learn and develop new skills here at Able Skills. Plumbing and Gas go hand in hand in many ways, in fact, many professional plumbers eventually go on to learn the trade of Gas to increase their skill set and open themselves up to more opportunities for earnings. We have put together a training that combined both of these trades at a discounted rate. This is a great option to get ahead and learn both trades, after this course you will have plenty of knowledge and practical experience to get started working in the industry. We will be continuing to provide training through this second lockdown including Plumbing courses and Gas courses. Let's take a look at how this training option works and how you can get started...



How does this work?


You will obviously not be taught both trades at the same time. This combined course will start initially with 6-weeks of Plumbing training working towards a City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing qualification. This is where you will get hands-on with everything plumbing, starting with the basics like pipe-skills, bending and moving on to various topics including; electrical principles and processes, common plumbing processes, cold water systems, domestic hot water systems, sanitation, central heating systems and drainage systems. You'll look to achieve this qualification through both practical assignments in the workshops and online exams here at Able Skills in our dedicated exam room. Plumbing is first as many of the skills you'll learn during this course will map over to Gas training.


Next, 5-weeks of Gas training! During this time you will learn the skills that are required for you to eventually be in a position to register with the Gas Safe Register. This course is usually 7-weeks, however, with the plumbing training you've already gained you can skip the initial 2-weeks which are for pipe-skills and other basics that you will have already learnt during the plumbing side of this combined course. The 5-weeks of Gas training will be intensive and will aim to give you a good insight into the Gas industry as a whole. Again, you will be taught through a mix of classroom-based theory lessons and hands-on practical sessions out in our workshops. You will leave this course prepared to take on real work, you will be provided with a Bpec Foundation Portfolio and guidance for completion. At a later date you'll want to return to our centre to take on an ACS assessments before applying to the Gas Safe Register!


How do I get started?


We currently have spaces available on this course starting from the 19th of April! You can get started on this course either by giving us a call on 01322 280 202 or by visiting our centre in person. Over the phone we can answer any questions that you have and secure your place on a course, however, if you visit our centre in person we can even show you around our centre so that you can see for yourself the great work that we do here. Alternatively you can enrol onto many of our training options online, simply take a look through our range of courses, on each course page there is a green button marked 'Reserve your Space' which is where you can select a starting date that suits you and fill in your details. Take a look below at the online booking form for this Level 2 combined Plumbing and Gas course...


Contact Information:


To learn more about our range of Plumbing courses or Gas courses feel free to give us a call on 01322 280 202. Over the phone we are happy to answer any questions you have, provide advice on training and secure your place on courses. You are also completely welcome to visit us in person, we have an open policy in our office, just come and speak with a member of staff unannounced during opening hours. We are open 7-days a week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! 


We are on the London & Kent border here in Dartford. If you live a considerable distance from our training centre then you should know that we have our own accommodation available exclusively for our students. Accommodation is located just a short walking distance from our training centre and can be booked for the reasonable price of £20 per night! - If you are interested make sure to contact us ahead of your courses starting date as spaces are limited!

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