bricklaying coursesOnce more Able Skills has shown the courses we offer gain world wide recognition as student Bob Monnier has come all the way from Baltimore in the states to study towards two of our Bricklaying Courses; 'Introduction to Bricklaying' and the 'Advanced Bricklaying Course'.

bricklaying coursesBob and his brother have a successful chimney sweep business over in America and has been working in the trade for several years. Despite such experience, he still seeks further training and it was Able Skills that best suited his needs to allow him to carry out work in the future.

When asked how he heard of Able Skills and the Bricklaying Courses we offer, Bob said he did some extensive research as to where he would receive the best training. Sure enough Able Skills popped up and it was the reviews of ours that persuaded Bob to fly across the pond and sharpen his skill set at our training centre in Dartford.

As mentioned earlier, Bob has been working with chimneys for years and initially had an insight into the trade when he began working for his best friends uncle. Enjoying what he did and seeing the long term prospects, he stuck at it and has achieved a successful business since launching his own. Funnily enough, Bob mentioned that a company which used to employ him before he started his business, actually carried out work for the White House!

bricklaying coursesIf you're interested in Bricklaying Courses yourself, check out the work pictured above and below. Bob is only here for 2 weeks and has created some fantastic work already!

bricklaying coursesWe are very proud to know that students from literally all over the world come to train with us. We wish Bob the absolute best in the future upon returning to the states and hope his business continues to boom!

If you would like more information on the Introduction to Bricklaying, the Advanced Bricklaying Course or other Bricklaying Courses we offer then click here.