Gas engineer testing a gas boiler

Health and safety are absolutely essential when it comes to training and working in the gas industry, which is why there are a number of in-depth modules, assessments and registrations that must be completed before an engineer can begin working in the field. 

One of these assessments is the Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS), which must be successfully completed before an engineer can join the Gas Safe Register, a legal requirement for anyone working in the industry. 

What is the ACS?

The ACS assessment is the industry-recognised route for gas engineers to gain a certificate of competence. The scheme, which is overseen by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) covers all areas of gas work, including domestic natural gas, LPG, commercial heating, commercial catering, commercial laundry, meter installation and emergency service provision.

When do engineers complete their ACS assessment?

There are generally two instances when an engineer or trainee engineer will complete their ACS assessment. 

The first is when an individual has come to the end of an industry-recognised training course in gas work, has completed their gas portfolio and is preparing to begin working in the industry for the first time. 

There will also be times when an experienced engineer, who already holds a relevant qualification, needs to take an ACS reassessment, to prove they are still able to competently carry out work to the latest industry regulations. 

How long does an ACS assessment take to complete?

An ACS assessment can usually be completed in around a week, while reassessments will generally take 2/3 days if no refresher training is needed. 

How often does an ACS reassessment need to be completed? 

ACS accreditation lasts for five years, after this date an engineer must complete an assessment or reassessment regardless of experience. 

ACS certificates must be within 12 months of expiry to qualify an engineer as a Category 1 candidate that is eligible for reassessment. If your certificate expiry is more than 12 months, the engineer must complete an initial assessment. 

When an ACS expires after five years, so does the engineer’s Gas Safe Registered status, meaning it’s illegal to carry out work before completing a reassessment. Anyone who continues to work risks prosecution from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

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