For anyone training towards a career as a gas engineer, the time you spend completing your portfolio forms arguably the most vital part of the entire learning process. 

This key element of the training journey offers the chance to put everything you have learned so far, both theory and practical, into action in genuine work environments. This work is undertaken while still under the supervision of a qualified engineer who can ensure every task you carry out is done so safely and properly. 

Your gas portfolio must cover a variety of skills, ranging from the installation and servicing of boilers to combustion analysis, ventilation checks and control faults.

Despite the completion of the gas portfolio being a mandatory requirement for becoming fully qualified, finding a business with which to undertake this work isn’t always straightforward, potentially leading to major roadblocks in your training. 

Can Able Skills help me find a placement to complete my gas portfolio?

Given the importance of your gas portfolio, and to help you avoid delays to your learning, Able Skills can guarantee you a work placement spot during which you’ll be able to gain all the evidence needed to complete this stage. 

Any student completing a relevant gas course at Able Skills will be eligible for this work placement. All work will be undertaken with Wrightway Gas under the supervision of one of the company’s experienced, fully qualified engineers who will ensure your portfolio meets all of the latest industry standards.

Many other training providers will expect you to source your own work placement. By offering the chance to complete all elements of your training and assessments, including your portfolio, Able Skills provides a far more efficient route towards becoming fully qualified.

For those who haven’t completed the initial stages of their training with Able Skills, but who have undertaken a course with an LCL Awards training provider and need a placement, the standalone Gas Portfolio Completion is available to ensure you’re able to progress to this next stage of your training. 

Able Skills offers a range of new entrant gas training packages, with options for both those who would like us to arrange their portfolio placement, and for those who would prefer to organise their own. You can find more information about all of these packages online here.