Construction roles facing shortages still should not be added to the government's shortage list because they do not meet the required skills threshold. Gain a renowned C&G qualification here at Able Skills!


The industry faces a skills shortage because the workers that are currently joining do not meet the required skills threshold. Getting qualifications or certificates from a non-reputable source could mean that you’re turned away from certain sites, as you may not match up or have the level of qualification that they usually look for when hiring new industry workers. Gaining a qualification from an education institute that the employer deems not up to par with the standard they accept for their workforce that they accept is no help to anyone.

The Home Builders' Federation said growing demand in the sector is "a consequence of the 78 per cent increase in output in the industry over the last five years and the loss of skills capacity suffered prior to that due to the financial recession of 2008 and its severe impact on the housing market”.

It doesn’t matter what age you are the construction trade needs you! If you’re looking to start a career or even change careers completely and fill the growing demand for skilled workers then get on-board! We have the courses and support available here at Able Skills to put you on the right path towards a successful career in whatever you choose from; Plastering, Carpentry, Bricklaying, Tiling, Painting and Decorating.

All of our courses are City & Guilds recognised and assured, we can also set you on the right path to achieving an NVQ. With the help of Able Skills, you can become a qualified worker in whatever field you desire.

What is City & Guilds?


The City and Guilds of London Institute is an educational organisation in the United Kingdom. Founded on 11 November 1878 by the City of London and 16 livery companies – to develop a national system of technical education, the Institute has been operating under Royal Charter, granted by Queen Victoria, since 1900. The Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, was appointed the first President of the Institute. City & Guilds is an awarding body offering a large number of accredited qualifications mapped onto the Regulated Qualifications Framework.

A City & Guilds certificate can set you on the right path towards a successful career, starting a company of your own, and provide you with real workplace skills and ability.

Don’t think that there is an easy way around, a different qualification that costs less and takes less time because ultimately you will find yourself short of the requirements’ for the most profitable opportunities.

Here’s a list of some of our City & Guilds construction courses:


Why not take it one step further and gear yourself towards achieving an NVQ or Level 2 NVQ you will gain a City & Guilds certificate but we will also provide you with a portfolio and the practical ability and overall knowledge to gain an NVQ.

What is an NVQ?


An NVQ is a National Vocational Qualification and is a work-based qualification, which recognises the skills, and knowledge a person needs to do a specific trade. The candidate needs to demonstrate and prove their competency in their chosen construction trade and career path, that they will have learned through our construction courses.

Candidates need to demonstrate that they have the suitable skills, knowledge and understanding to carry out the tasks associated with their trade, that will be learned over the time spent at our training centre during one of these NVQ construction courses.

Here’s a list of our Level 2 NVQ construction courses:



construction courses

Able Skills Courses and Training Facilities Are City & Guilds Accredited












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