With the lack of skilled workers in the construction industry and a growth in construction work across the UK, it is meaning that construction companies will need to employ a quarter of a million new workers over the next five years.


The construction industry is set to see its biggest growth since the financial crisis and this is set to produce a lot more jobs across the UK, of which most will be in London. The recovery for the industry is being massively driven by the huge housing demand in the South East of England.

With the current skills shortage causing a huge problem, it is making it much harder for construction companies to employ staff that have the right skills and qualifications to work within the industry.dean

Many workers are trying to get work without having the right training and without gaining the right qualifications, this means they are not capable of completing the jobs that are expected of them.

Under 3 million people are employed by the construction industry in the UK and the amount of skilled workers able to complete the jobs at hand is too low and needs to be dealt with.

Due to the lack of workers paired with the added housing demand, it is causing problems, this is why plans are in place to employ a quarter of a million workers over the next five years in the construction industry.

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