Maybe it's because many Gas and Boiler Fitter Engineer vans still have the CORGI logo firmly stuck to their doors that householders are still unaware or confused by the changeover that happened earlier this year. From April, CORGI was replaced by Gas Safe Register as the official gas safety body for Great Britain. The public had become used to looking out for the logo as the Gas industry's assurance of official approval and may of found it odd or mistrusted being shown a Gas Safe Registration card when a gas repairman or installer knocked on their door.The Gas Safe register was put into place to protect consumers from unsafe gas work by reporting of notifiable gas work, managing inspection and enforcement and providing technical support and standards updates to registered engineers.By law, only Gas Safe registered engineers should now carry out any work on gas appliances. All previous CORGI registered engineers should have registered with Gas Safe and have an ID card, with their photograph, name and business details. On the back of the card will be a list of the types of work that they are competent to carry out and no other.Previously, with the CORGI scheme, the official card did not state which types of installation and repair work had been officially approved, and a CORGI card carrying engineer who may only be certificated to carry out one or two specified gas installations or repairs could still undertake a job that he was not actually qualified to attempt. The Gas Safe card was introduced to close the loophole.ACS, NVQ and SVQ qualifications will still be valid. Providing that qualifications are current and recognised as valid under the CORGI scheme, they will be recognised as valid under the Gas Safe Register. For engineers with current and valid qualifications, there will be no requirement to retrain or re-sit examinations. If you have experience in the gas industry or related fields you may be able to follow the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) route to registration. This will allow you to gain certificates of competence that are accepted by Gas Safe Register.Able Skills is an approved CITB training provider for those seriously wishing to gain entry to the Gas Industry, with Gas courses available for New Entrants, Initial Assessment, Re-Assessment and even over the Weekend.