British paint manufacturer, Crown Paints, has become a national partner of Climate Week, which will see it take part in a range of community events aimed at inspiring people to contribute to a sustainable future.

The week runs from 4-10 March and Crown’s participation will allow it to reinforce the long-standing commitment it has made to environmental issues, including the steps it has taken through its award-winning Earthbalance initiative.

Earthbalance was launched by Crown in 2008 as a dedicated sustainability programme aimed at setting ambitious, long-term targets to bring down Crown’s greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste.

The brand’s sustainability manager, Mark Lloyd, said that while they are well on track to achieving their long-term mission, they must maintain an everyday commitment to sustainability, which they can achieve through working on projects such as Climate Week.

“Our focus is not to just provide a few niche ‘green’ products. By measuring and evaluating the carbon footprint of everything we do, we can make improvements, without impacting on the quality of the paint we produce,” he said.

“This means decorating professionals can be assured that they benefit from high performing quality paints, which maintain their protective and aesthetic qualities for the longer term – in itself a sustainable outcome.”