Every single year you will find areas within your homes that just need fixing, whether it’s a door that needs painting, a wall that needs patching up or even a kitchen that needs tiling. Every year people will find that they need to fix these type of problems and they very rarely want to get someone in to do small DIY jobs.

Why don’t you consider training so you can do all the little DIY jobs yourself?


DIY is well known across the UK and many people love it, yet many people hate it. But, for the people that hate it, surely it is down to the lack of skills you must have not to complete the job successfully.

You can take short training courses to give you the basic skills in a number of different trades that will give you the confidence to complete those annoying problems within your homes.

At Able Skills in Dartford we offer short five day courses that allow our students to get the basic skills in the chosen trade. Each construction trade has the short course option and it will be sure to give you the skills to tackle those DIY jobs.

Julian is completed a DIY Plastering job so he can complete some work at home with the other skills he has.

Julian is completing a DIY Plastering job so he can complete some work at home with the other skills he has.

From bricklaying to plumbing you can learn all the basics of these trades in just five days. We also offer these courses at weekends where they are completed over two weekends. These courses are extremely popular for many reasons amongst our students as they can get a feel for certain trades and a good starting skill set.

Whether you want to give your house a warmer feel for the winter months by learning how to decorate, or you need to fix a broken wall in your garden before the weather gets too cold, we have the perfect courses for you.

If you are currently thinking about doing some DIY work then contact us today on 01322 280202 for information on our DIY courses at Able Skills in Dartford.