Welcome back to a fresh fortnight of DIY hacks! This time we’re focussing on projects that will get you out and about in the garden, giving you the perfect excuse to soak up the spring sunshine, whilst relaxing with a good old fashioned DIY project or two. Let’s make…

  • A rotating bin composter
  • A wooden slingshot
  • A bat box made of recycled pallets

1. Make a rotating bin composter

With spring well and truly already springing, it’s high time you got out in the garden and got planting. Whether you’re perfecting your borders or tending to an allotment, good quality compost is an absolute godsend, giving those little green shoots plenty of sustenance.

If you’re already making your own compost from kitchen and garden scraps, this rotating bin composter will make your process much more efficient – and with a little know how, a couple of days and a few bits and bobs you can make it yourself. Here’s how

2. Laminated Wood Slingshot

You may be a little too old for Dennis the Menace, but there’s a corner of most grown ups (usually, but not exclusively, blokes) which still wants to play with a mega powerful slingshot. If you’re the proud owner of one of these little childish corners, this Instructable is most definitely for you – and more definitely not for kids (at least without supervision). Here’s how to make one.

3. Bat box

With nature gearing up into full swing, now is the ideal time to start welcoming wildlife into your garden. This brilliant bat box has been made from reclaimed pallets and will make the perfect home for the nocturnal, winged inhabitants of your garden. Sit back in the evening with a cold one and watch the little creatures flitting back and forth from their new, swanky pad! Oh and your new neighbours eat lots of nasty, nibbling insects too! Win win! Make your own here.

What wildlife have you welcomed into your garden? Do you have any DIY projects that are perfect for getting outside this spring? Share your favourites with our readers below.