Itching to get busy with a new project? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best projects for you to get stuck into this April. If you’re feeling crafty why not make…

  • A wooden bicycle stand
  • A multi-purpose target board
  • A bowl made from plastic army men
  • A garden sink

1. Make a Wooden Bicycle Stand with Dual Mounting

Ideal for tinkering and repairs (without needing to constantly lift and flip your bike), this helpful stand will allow you to tinker to your heart’s content, without needing to work “upside down”. Made from simple 2 x 4 lumber and plywood, this isn’t an especially complex contraption but, if you’re an avid cyclist, it will make all the difference to bike maintenance. Here’s how it’s done.

2. Build a Low-Cost Multi-Purpose Target Board

Bows and arrows, throwing knives, BB guns…you name it, this multi-purpose target board will take it. Cheap and simple to construct, this is a brilliant Instructable for anyone keen to release a little tension in the privacy of their back garden…or for competitive sorts keen to beat their mates at the ultimate test of accuracy! Find out how to build your own.

3. Create an Army Man Fruit Bowl

For lovers of kooky interior design (with a masculine touch) this is an inspired Instructable. You remember all of those little plastic army guys you have tucked away in the attic somewhere? Well, it turns out they’re awesome for building cool sculptural stuff – including this handy (albeit quirky) fruit bowl. Perfect for a man cave! Make your own here.

4. Erect a Full Garden Sink

With spring in the air, it’s prime time for planting and pottering in your garden. If you or your family are especially green fingered, this amazing project is perfect for you. It’s a complete garden sink, fantastic for washing off the dirt, planting up pots and generally getting stuck into your garden! It’s not a cheap project, but for nature lovers, it’s pure brilliance! Get the instructions.

Which project will you be giving a go? What are you working on in your spare time? Share your makes with other tradespeople below.