Hello hands-on heroes! Are you the kind of tradesperson who always has a side project going on in their garage or shed? Well, we’re here to add to your “to do” list. This fortnight we’re sharing 3 awesome projects for markers and doers of all stripes. Why not make…

  • A branding iron?
  • A screwdriver holster from a mint tin?
  • A shower timer with an alarm?

1. Make your own branding iron

If you’re a regular maker and doer, you’ll know that sometimes you just want to leave your mark on something. Whether you’ve created a great piece of wooden furniture or sewn a slick leather wallet, this cool branding iron tutorial will give you the power to stamp your name on your hard work. Suitable for paper, leather, wood and similar surfaces, this is how it’s made.

2. Turn a mint tin into a screwdriver holster

Those little square tins of mints you can find at coffee shops up and down the country have so much more potential than you may have realised! This superb screwdriver holster keeps your tools in place, your screws accessible and clips right on to your belt. Seriously, what could be better than that? Here’s how to make your own. The added bonus is, you’ll enjoy fresh breath for a month!

3. Build a 5 minute shower time, with alarm!

Are your nearest and dearest using up all of your hot water? Does your missus spend hours in the shower? Those days are gone! This awesome project will save you both time, money and energy by keeping everyone’s showers no longer than five minutes. For sparks this project should be a walk in the park. If you’re low on electrical know how but have a practical streak, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to figure it out too! Make your own here.

How angry would your family be if you installed a shower timer? How much water could you save? Would our minty screwdriver holster prove helpful in your line of work? Share your ideas with other tradespeople below…