Feeling handy? Day job not enough for you? If you’ve got a practical itch you can’t scratch, we’ve compiled yet another week of awesome DIY hacks, ready and waiting for you to build in your garden shed – or wherever it is you keep the tools. This week, why not make…

  • A camera trap
  • An umbrella table
  • A clever key organiser

1. Camera Trap

Whether some little furry rascal has been stealing radishes from your vegetable patch, or some hungry snaffler has been stealing biscuits from the kitchen, this clever little gizmo will catch them in the act. This DIY hack is a great one for those with a little bit of electrical know how and will put you through your technical paces as you create a fun tool. When something blocks the patch of this traps laser a picture is automatically taken, catching the culprit red handed. Here’s how to make your own.

2. Side Table Umbrella Stand

Our summer may be proving a little temperamental, but when the sun’s out that’s all the more reason to make the most of it. This little beauty of a side table is also an umbrella stand, perfect for giving you a little shade and providing a handy spot to sit your nice cold beer. Ahh! Get the instructions.

3. Smart Key Organiser

Tired of scrabbling for your keys, eventually finding them, then putting the wrong one in the lock? Those days are gone, my friend! This ingenious little contraption is beig sold over the counter at a pretty hefty price, but this smart Instructable will help you make your own for much less. A great little gift for anybody practical with a birthday coming up, too!

What projects are you working on in your spare time right now? Share your plans, schemes and instructions with other handy tradespeople below.