Hello tradespeople and trainees, welcome to our latest round up of the best DIY hacks from across the web. Whether you like tinkering with electrics or working in wood, we trawl the internet every fortnight to bring you awesome projects to try on for size. This week why not make…
• A desk bell which plays fun sounds?
• A clever mount for your bike?
• A cheap & chic mirror?

1. Hack a desk bell to play fun sounds

Plain old bells can be a bit boring, can’t they? Next time someone wants to get your attention, put a smile on their face by hacking your desk bell to play an unexpected sound! You’ll need an old desk bell and some sound modules from toys to make this fun project work.

2. Turn a few pieces of wood into an indispensable bike mount

Hate the way your bicycle clutters up your hallway? Loathe those black scuff marks that handlebars leave on your walls? This amazing creation is the ultimate solution. We’ve seen them for sale around the £250 mark, but you can make your very own for the cost of a few bits of wood and a hinge or two. Here’s how to do it yourself.

3. Hack an $1800 Anthropologie mirror for £20

This low-cost project may not be quite up your street but, with Christmas just around the corner, it might make a good gift for someone with a taste for eclectic interior design. Over at Anthropologie, this mirror will set you back a cool $1800. This DIY hack shows you how to make it yourself for around £20. Not too shabby, eh?
Have you come across any awesome DIY hacks lately? Perhaps you’ve just completed a neat project of your own? Will you be giving any of this week’s hacks a go yourself? Share your ideas with our readers below.