Hello tradespeople, welcome to our first in a new series of blogs dedicated to turning a few bits of kit into extremely awesome things. Every fortnight we’ll be bringing you our 4 favorite DIY hacks from across the world and web, which you can make yourself with the help of a few tools (and probably plenty of swearing).  This week, let’s make:

  • A motion sensor for your home
  • An intercom from two old corded phones
  • A frozen pipe alarm
  • Your very own Strandbeest

1. Hack your own home motion sensor

Motion sensors are a really interesting first step towards full home automation. With motion sensors set up, you can then work to create a more elaborate system for things like turning off lights when nobody’s in a particular room. But before you create your very own “robot house” you need to master the basics. This great tutorial will show you how to hack your very own motion sensor.

2. Hack your own intercom using two corded phones

This surprisingly straightforward electronics DIY hack is a really fun project to give a go. Whether you’re setting up a home office or want to install an intercom system in your premises, this DIY hack will give you the know how to make it happen, quickly and impressively easily.

3. Hack a frozen pipe alarm for those freezing winter months

Looking for a smart way to stop pipes freezing this winter? This DIY frozen pipe alarm will alert you when your pipes are getting dangerously chilly, so you can give them a quick blast of boiler activity to keep your whole system flowing, icicle free.

You’ll need a little bit of electrical know how to create this clever system, but it makes for a great weekend project if you’re looking to build something handy!

4. Hack your own Strandbeest

Have you come across Theo Jansen’s incredible Strandbeest before? If you haven’t, this astonishing engineering feat is well worth a watch. And, if you’re inspired by Jansen’s creation, you can create your very own, with this amazing DIY hack from 4volt. An awesome weekend project if you like playing with electrics and tinkering with cool gadgetry…

Do you have any clever DIY hacks of your own? Perhaps you’re considering giving one of our projects a go. Share your ideas with our readers below.