Hello! Welcome back to another fortnight full of practical projects to get stuck into! With the weather looking a little more spring like, you have the perfect excuse to get out in the garden and down to the shed to create something cracking. Why not make…

  • A folding pendant knife
  • A pallet coffee table
  • A pallet laptop stand
  • A pasta engine

1. Make a Folding Yo-yo Pendant Knife

Forget pocket knives, this is a pendant knife. Not only does this fine bit of man accessory look good on the outside, it’s also super functional on the inside. Here’s how to make your very own.

2. Turn Pallets into a Coffee Table

We’re very partial to a pallet project here at Able Skills. Not are they usually pretty ingenious, pallets themselves are really easy to for free – you’ll find them on pretty much any site you work on. This project will turn plain old pallets into a cool coffee table anyone would be proud to put their feet up on. Get the tutorial here.

3. Make a Wooden Laptop Riser

Here’s another excellent pallet project for you to try. Even for the most practical and outdoorsy amongst us, there’s still plenty you’ll need to do on your laptop and, as we all know, that can be a killer for your neck and back. This great looking device will help you to maintain good laptop posture and keep your technology looking pretty cool. Make it like this!

4. Make an Engine from Pasta

We would say “don’t try this at home”, but honestly – it looks like too much fun not to! Just make sure you take the proper safety precautions before you start your experiment. Otherwise, all you’ll need to put together this ludicrously cool invention is pasta, hydrogen peroxide and yeast.

How long did your pasta engine burn for? Do you have any clever folding knife ideas you’re working on? What’s your ultimate pallet project? Let us know below…