Itching to get stuck into a fresh project? Your timing couldn’t be better! The sun’s out and summer is coming. To celebrate, we’ve shared some brilliant summer DIY ideas; from garden toys and outdoor hobbies to essentials for opening a nice cold beer. Why not make…

  • A zipwire for your garden?
  • A honey beehive?
  • A beautifully simple beer opener?

1. Make a zipline for your garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden with a bit of extra space, this is an all-out incredible project for anyone with adventurous kids or a playful side. Whether you’re pretending to be spiderman or James Bond, this zipline Instructable will help you live out your more action packed daydreams (or become officially the best mum/dad/uncle/cousin of all time). It’s not a quick project, but it’s one which your youngsters will enjoy all summer long – guaranteed.

2. Build a honey beehive

Waste not, want not. This Instructable uses old skids to create a home for that endangered and crucial member of our ecosystem – the honey bee. You’ll no doubt be aware that honey bees are facing a crisis, with numbers rapidly dwindling. This has a knock on, negative effect on nature. Once your hive is built, you’re ready to buy your first swarm and start harvesting your honey like a regular apiarist!

3. Make a beautiful simple, rugged beer opener

We love the simplicity and ruggedness of this pared back bottle opener. It’s a beautiful tool based on a seriously simple principle, which means you can easily turn it into something special with a few personal touches. From your choice of wood and stain, to the shape of your handle, the style of your opener is totally up to you! Perfect for handmade gifts that don’t take months to complete.

Would you consider beekeeping? What design features would you include in your bottle opener? Share your ideas with other tradespeople, makers and doers below.