Love a bodge job? Partial to a bit of make and do? When you’re not fixing, fitting and fine-tuning in your day job, a good old-fashioned project can be a great way to spend some quality time with your toolkit. With that in mind, we’ve been bringing you 3 great DIY hacks every fortnight to keep your skills sharp and your idle thumbs well and truly busy. This time why not make…

  • Cool coat hooks from old tools?
  • A hair equipment holster from some PVC pipe?
  • A bar from a pile of old pallets?

1. Turn old tools into handy hooks

Forget plain old coat hooks and pegs. Why buy featureless new household accessories when you can turn your old tools into awesome handy hooks? These spanners look great bent and mounted to the wall, but you can use anything you’ve got lying around. We’ve see old forks and old trowels used to create the same effect – and we really like it. Just make sure you ask the missus first – or maybe restrict your new décor to your shed.

2. Turn PVC pipe into a hair equipment holder

Here’s the perfect way to turn your old kit into something the women in your life will truly appreciate. Straighteners and curlers can be a right pain to store, especially if you want to keep them accessible. This clever hack turns a piece of old PVC pipe into a pimped out hair holster, for the beauty-conscious lady friend in your life.

3. Turn old pallets into a new bar

If you’re involved in any sort of trade, we’re betting you’ve got plenty of old pallets to hand. These throwaway pieces of wood are one man’s trash and another man’s treasure. With a little ingenuity you can turn them into, well, pretty much anything. Case in point: This phenomenal bar. Whether you plan to eat breakfast at it, or pour drinks across it, there’s no denying that this project is pretty cool. Here’s the full tutorial from a total novice.

Have you tried any pallet projects before? What was your most recent DIY creation? Share your ideas and resources with our readers below.