Hello practical sorts! From tables and chairs, to candles and doll houses, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite craft projects of the fortnight to give you something great to make this weekend. Roll up your sleeves and make:

• A rustic table

• Beer bottle candle holders

• One board chairs

• An A frame dolls house

1. Turn an oak slab into a rustic trestle table

Love working with wood? We know how you feel. If you’re a big fan of letting beautiful materials (which cost next to nothing) speak for themselves, plus have some basic-to-intermediate woodworking skills to hand, you’re going to love this project. It’s surprisingly low-cost and straightforward, but the results look like they’ve come out of a high-end catalogue. Lovely stuff. Head to your local timber yard and make your own.

2. Turn beer bottles into candle holders

Do you appreciate the rustic, rugged charm of a candle stuck in a wine or beer bottle? They look good, but they’re not especially stable. This cool Instructable will show you how to cut bottles down to size and turn them into nice, stable, good lookin’ rustic candle holders.

3. Turn one board into a whole chair

Putting together something that looks really minimal can be a surprisingly tricky challenge. It’s all about finesse, clean lines and balance – not easy unless you’ve got some pretty flashy woodworking skills. That’s part of the beauty of this clever, one board, minimal chair design. It looks simple, but it takes some skill to make it look polished. Are you up to the challenge?

4. Build a collapsible A frame dolls house

Do you have a youngster with a birthday coming up? Perhaps you’d like to get your little one involved in your latest practical project? Well this is a great weekender! Based on a 1960s design, this cool, A frame dolls house is really fun to play with and really easy to tidy away!

Have you had any success getting your youngsters involved in your practical projects? Do you have any techniques for creating really sleek, minimalistic stuff? Share your experiences and pointers with other crafty sorts below.