Hello tradespeople. Do you feel like you’re missing something when you’re not holding a hammer or squinting at a plan? Were you just plain born to work with your hands? This fortnight we’re bringing you 4 awesome projects perfect for sparks, builders and all-round handy folk who want to find something practical to do with their weekend. So, why not make…

  • A speaker from an old barrel?
  • An untangleable wire dispenser?
  • A bracelet holder for Valentine’s Day?
  • The perfect snow shovel?

1. Turn a barrel into a stylish speaker

You’re going to need a fair bit of technical know-how to create this good looking speaker, but if you’re handy with electrics and know a bit about “computer stuff”, this is the perfect passion project – particularly if you’re really into your music. A great way to turn an awesome antique into a functional, modern bit of technology. Here’s the Instructable.

2. Build an untangleable wire dispenser

Do you ever find yourself furiously de-tangling wire and cable? Save yourself the frustration by building yourself a handy wire dispenser instead. This isn’t the most sophisticated contraption you’re ever going to build, but it’s going to save you a whole lot of tool shed-based irritation somewhere down the line! Make your own.

3. Make a bracelet holder for Valentine’s Day

Are you a bit of a softy at heart? These easy-to-make jewelry holders are great handmade presents you can pour your heart into! After all, handmade presents are so much more thoughtful (and less expensive!) than store bought nonsense. Get the instructions here.

4. Build a better snow shovel

It’s been mighty cold in recent weeks and the North has certainly seen a scattering of the white stuff. It’s time to prepare! This handy Instructable maintains that the ultimate snow shovel should reach just to the top of your forehead, for optimum shoveling power and leverage. It also explains how to customize your shovel size so you can get it just right.

Are you making your other half something for Valentine’s Day? What was your last project? Share your stuff with other handy sorts in the comments section below!