Industry professionals who have approved electrical qualifications should be consulted before carrying out certain DIY schemes, it has been revealed by Energex.

According to company spokesperson Mike Swanston, electricity is a common hazard for home renovators as wires and cables are often well-concealed in the walls, floors or ceilings of a property.

He commented that such wires need to be located before hammering or drilling to avoid health risks, but those who are not sure how to find them should always seek the help of an expert.

Mr Swanston added that homeowners should avoid performing any kind of electrical task without the assistance of workers who have taken an electrician training course.

"Putting it simply, electricity is a killer and unqualified people who attempt electrical work around the home are not only taking theirs and other's lives in their hands, they are breaking the law," he said.

Energex is an Australian electricity supplier, which provides energy to the country's south-east Queensland region.

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