Starting to learn the practical side of training to be a plumber often means just getting to grips - literally - with some basic awkward access problems! One common challenge is the task of fitting an effective waste trap that complies with building regulations, beneath a modern shower tray with a negligible working gap !This potential problem has arisen because in 1994, the Building Standards revised downwards, the deep water seal for baths and showers to 50mm.

Nevertheless, a 50mm water seal still gives installers every chance to fit a trap that meets the standard. Although it is possible to fit a running trap away from the shower tray, this can be awkward because it requires extra fittings to complete the job and it still needs to be hidden from sight afterwards.

The best solution is to fit a shower tray trap with an elongated water body specially designed for the job which achieves a 50mm seal in a trap that is just 90mm deep. Other details to look out for are products that can be easily hand tightened - especially when hands are wet and reaching into hard-to-get-at places, smooth, clean, internal surfaces that will facilitate self-cleaning and avoid debris build-up, a slip ring that will help nuts to turn, even when they are in firm contact with the seal and ensuring that the compression nut, slip ring and rubber seal are on the waste pipe in the correct order. It also helps to make sure that the trap can stand up to a bit of wear and tear !

The good news is, at AbleSkills, there is a great bathroom installation course which can be undertaken, as well as a full series of Plumbing Courses and the statutory fully accredited and approved Plumbing NVQ qualification training, conducted in a purpose built plumbing training centre by fully qualified, highly experienced and time-served plumbing professionals who will be able to give the hands-on guidance when you need a little helping hand to deal with minding the 'shower-tray' gap!