Interest in electrical courses could be set for growth as a result of a safety awareness campaign launched by the Department of Work and Pensions this week.

The inaugural Electrical Fire Safety Week started on Monday (January 24th) and will run until January 30th, with the organisers hoping to highlight to homeowners the threat of fires caused by faulty or misused electric equipment.

Head of campaigns at the Electrical Safety Council Lorraine Carney urged people to get devices checked regularly, which could create more work for technicians who have completed electrical courses.

"Over half of all accidental fires in UK homes - that's more than 20,000 per year - are caused by electrical faults or misuse of electrical appliances," said Ms Carney.

Some basic precautions recommended by the government are to fit a smoke alarm, take extra care when cooking, do not overload sockets and plan an escape route in case there is a fire.

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