A home improvement expert has advised people to do research after enduring a DIY disaster, which could mean signing up for electrical courses.

Build It editor Anna-Marie Desouza urged individuals not to be put off if something goes wrong during a project.

In her view, the best way to bounce back is to find out more about the subject in hand, with electrical courses potentially being a way of doing this.

Ms Desouza explained that DIY tends to get easier the more it is done, since people learn from their mistakes.

"I think many people are put off and it is a real shame. So much joy comes from finishing a task yourself and getting to admire your handiwork on a daily basis," she added.

Recent research by Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank showed that 26 per cent of people who carry out a home improvement task that goes wrong end up wishing they had never given it a go.

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