Students of Able Skills, Past, Present and Future.......Able Skills Students who are multi skilled could have the opportunity of work as Able Skills has been approached by Sunridge Building Contractors, based in Dartford, who specialise in repairs and maintenance of buildings. The Managing Director Dan has advised us that he has lots of work available to him but that he is struggling to find good tradesmen. He is keen to interview anyone who has trained at Able Skills and who thinks that they may be able to meet the demands of this particular kind of work.We believe the work is best suited to skilled multi traders who can cover most aspects of internal building work, however, Sunridge Building Contractors would also be interested to hear from all trades as they do have other areas of their business where other skills could be used.So if you have done a multi skills training course at Able Skills or have gained qualifications here in a specific subject, then please contact Gary at Able Skills or Dan at Sunridge Building ContractorsWe are looking for the following tradesmen/women;