plumbing coursesAble Skills are delighted to post the testimony of a trainee who has recently completed an ACS gas reassessment course.My name is David Sandford, I completed my ACS reassessment at your Able Skills training centre in Dartford last week.

My background very briefly: I started out in life as an apprentice service engineer with a national (Now multinational) service company they currently employ in excess of 6000 domestic gas service engineers and installers.I finished my time with this business back in 2007, my last post, some 5 years, was a senior manager looking after the London area social housing sector of the business.As a manager in the business I had to ensure any engineers/managers reporting, were appropriately qualified and up to speed in terms of current accreditations, CORGI as was and toward the end Gas Safe Register, indeed I ensured I maintained my own accreditations and as such I had a level of access to the businesses various training and assessment centres, this also took in a number of independent centres that came on board through acquisition..............Enough about thatWhat I have endeavoured to demonstrate is that I believe I am more than qualified to comment on the excellent level of support given to me during my re-assessment period last week.Having spent time researching a number of centres including some much closer to my home geographically, I decided to settle on Able Skills in Dartford.The initial telephone reception and talk through given by John (I am sure his name was John) was great, following this I elected to visit the centre and pay my initial deposit, again greeted by John who then introduced me to a trainer, Ian, who then gave me a brief over view in terms of what to expect during the training/assessment period.Now feeling quite at ease and ready to do the painful bit and part with my deposit, that said the cost in comparison was excellent and the most reasonable, I researched 4 other centres.Upon my arrival on the day of the race there were a number of trainers on site to meet and greet all newcomers and as there had been recent change in the location in domestic gas ACS classroom/workshops I was duly directed by a trainer, Simon I think, where to be and refreshments tea/coffee were readily available, once again all nice and relaxed.I was taken through my refresher element (As required) and re-assessment theory papers and practical element by Darren under the passing watchful eye of Ian both providing excellent support and skilfully answering any related queries or questions I posed as I endeavoured to complete the various elements.I am pleased to say as we concluded, Ian advised I had been successful in all elements and I could expect to receive the appropriate certification from CITB in due course.I refer to an extract from your website below, not least the extract - Able Skills deliver exactly what it says on the tin .......... Fantastic"At Able Skills, we consider that we have the highest calibre of Gas Trainers and Assessors in place. We have worked very hard to get the right mix of people to deliver what can be a complex, sometimes tedious, subject. The guys are firm but fair and the emphasis for them at all times is on safety whilst delivering a quality product"Thank you to the whole team at Able Skills Ltd and in particular please pass on my sincere thanks to both Ian and Darren.