Utilising a disused brownfields site in Milton Keynes, this brand new HQ for Network Rail has won CIBSE's (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) 2015 New Build Project of the Year (over £10m). With an Excellent BREEAM rating and an EPC A rating, this £106 million project has been a revelation both for Network Rail and for the local economy in Milton Keynes.

The spec

network-rail-quadrant-mk-hq2This development has marked a sea change in the mindset of National Rail. By bringing together 3000 staff at one location, the company has started to undergo a marked organisational transformation, with better communication, collaboration and a burgeoning sense of teamwork.

GMW Architects were briefed to create an efficient space, with room for real flexibility which also benefited from being as low energy as possible. With sustainability, versatility and efficiency at its core, the architects behind this new building have worked hard to create a space which places individuals and the environment around them at its heart.

Sustainability & future-proofing


A blend of passive design features and high performance materials were drafted in to make this vision a reality. While passive features like building orientation future-proof The Quadrant by incorporating efficiency into its very DNA, great technology like high performance glazing and a wind driven ventilation system help make this building more environmentally friendly.

Energy efficiency


One feature which has allowed The Quadrant to attain it's A EPC rating is its hook up with the local CHP-based district heating system. This has markedly reduced the building's carbon consumption and contributed significantly to the its very low environmental impact.

A small footprint

image 5

But it's not just The Quadrant's energy source which makes this a sustainable building. Spanning 40,000m2 this sizeable premises consumes just 25% of the energy typically used by a standard office building of the same proportions. It also consumes a mere 30% of the water used by a similar property, making this a truly epic building.

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