Everbuild's Forever White silicone helps tilers and tilers' apprentices across the country to combat the problem of black mould around bathroom or kitchen tiles, making it an essential for any kit-bag.

As a result of the integration of the antibacterial solution, SteriTouch, Forever White silicone is able to ensure unsightly black mould is a thing of the past. The mould grows around tiles that are repeatedly coming into contact with water and warmth, such as those around a sink splash-back in a kitchen or around a bath or shower and is extremely unsightly.

Forever White silicone guarantees to stop black mould growth for ten years, Everbuild confirms, ensuring that homeowners and commercial property owners will be content with their clean, fresh-looking rooms for years to come and tilers won't be forced to carry out time-consuming work to replace tiles or silicone that has turned black as a result of the mould.

Forever White silicone has also been independently tested in accredited antimicrobial laboratories, and is designed to kill harmful germs including E-coli, MRSA and Salmonella. Despite these strong bacteria-killing capabilities, the product remains safe to use on even the most sensitive applications, such as around baths, showers or basins and even in swimming pools or jacuzzis.

The silicone is both waterproof and flexible, making it the perfect product to be used to seal wet rooms, shower bases and cubicles. It is available in white, clear and ivory cartridges, as well as in 80ml squeezable tubes which are available in white only, all of which fit neatly into a tiler's tool-kit.