Feedback from students on our Level 2 Electrician courses!


Here at Able Skills we are continuing to provide comprehensive Electrician courses to aspiring tradespeople at a social distance until the 18th  when we will be closed for Christmas. We have been teaching the trade of electrics and producing competent professionals for almost 20-years! We offer many different courses, however, when starting out in the trade you will need to achieve a City & Guilds Level 2 qualification. We offer a both a 7-week option and our exclusive Home-Study course which allows you to to learn the theory side at home before attending the centre to take on the practical side as well as the relevant assessments.  Let's take a look at some student feedback from both of these training options... 


Electrician courses

Feedback from students on our Level 2 Electrician courses!




"I found the centre online and received a really quick reply to my email about availability and price and general information about the course. The most important factor when choosing a place to train, for me, was the value in the qualifications. The course content and delivery was really excellent. I have learnt a lot during the weeks, it felt quick and intense but the course was taught so well I can't complain." - N Mayani  


"After a quick internet search I came across this training centre and decided to train here as it is local to me and offers recognisable and valuable qualifications. They also seemed to have a good reputation online. The course itself was perfect, very well taught and the electrical instructor was a really helpful teacher. I have progressed very well from zero to hero!" - J Wood 


"I was told about the training centre via a friend of mine. Personally my most important factor was high-quality training and getting some experience. Overall everything that was taught was really helpful and allowed me to understand electrical systems in a way that was easy to understand as a person who is new to the industry. The course is great and would be helpful to anybody interested in learning the trade." - P Bhandare


"The centre was local to me and the ability to take the course on a Home-Study basis was perfect for me. Overall the course content was very good and the content provided within the folders was clear, helpful and easy to work through. Clive was very good as a teacher and helpful throughout. Over the course was pretty good, I'd recommend this place to anyone in need of electrical training." - D Burns


"All the course content was relevant and useful. All of the learning was delivered in a professional and fun manner. My knowledge of electrics has vastly improved in relation to principles, theory understanding and hands-on practical skills. Able Skills have good prices, they have helpful staff and offer industry recognised qualifications!" - R Young


"This place is great. They have high quality teachers who know their stuff! I never had any knowledge before this course in terms of electrics but now I feel I have learned a lot and have gained a lot of confidence in my personal ability over my time on the course and it has given me a positive mindset as I look to eventually work in the electrical field. The Home-Study option is a great and convenient way to achieve this qualification." - A Shaban 





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Want to now more about our range of Electrician courses? Give us a call on 01322 280 202 over the phone we can help guide you towards the right training courses that align with your personal career goals. We can also discuss courses in more detail, answer any questions and secure your place on a desired course. Alternatively, you are completely welcome to visit our training centre in person, our office is always open to aspiring tradespeople. Feel free to walk into our office unannounced, whilst here we can book courses with you and even take you on a guided tour around our facilities. Our office is open 7-days-a-week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30!


We are located in Dartford, Kent just outside of London. I you live a considerable commute from our centre then you may be interested in our accommodation. We offer accommodation exclusively to our students for the reasonable price of just £20 a night! All of our accommodation is within short walking distance of our centre and will provide you with your own fully furnished room with washing facilities and TV. There are several bathrooms/WCs as well as fully fitted kitchens and a dining areas to eat and/or meet your fellow students. - If you are interested make sure to contact us ahead of your courses starting date as spaces are limited!

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