As the shortage of qualified gas engineers continues in the UK, the industry must adapt and ensure it is doing everything it can to attract a new generation of workers to meet the overwhelming demand. 

A major factor in combating the growing gap in the workforce is making training routes more accessible in an effort to entice people into the industry. 

Whether it’s people stepping into the construction industry for the very first time, or allowing qualified tradespeople from other sectors to adapt and expand their skills to include gas, traditional entry routes must be made more flexible to ensure they are an attractive and realistic proposition.

Flexible gas training

At Able Skills, we offer three different packages for those wanting to train up to Gas Safe registration standard. 

The initial training aspect of all of these packages can now be completed on a flexible basis, with the seven weeks of required attendance being split into seven separate weekly chunks of learning.

The Flexible Gas Training Course is ideal for anyone wanting to take those first steps in the industry, but would struggle to fit the usual seven continuous weeks of training around prior commitments. Typically, the course will be structured on a one-week per month basis spread over seven months. However, there is scope to add in additional weeks where demand dictates. 

What is covered?

A combination of classroom learning, written exams and practical assessments will cover all the required skills to become a safe and competent gas engineer throughout the flexible training period.

Each aspect of the course has been created and is delivered by vastly experienced gas engineers, with practical elements taking place in one of our three comprehensively equipped workshops. Each of the workshops hold a range of appliances new and old to reflect the variety of tasks you’ll need to deal with when out in the field. 

Individual progress is monitored through regular practical and written assignments, and all evidence is recorded and retained should any governing body need to view it at any time. These strict control methods safeguard all candidates and assessors, and ensure only the highest quality of gas training is delivered. 

When you enrol, you’ll receive a free tookit that contains all the tools you'll need to use throughout your course and you get to keep it afterwards when you are undertaking work within the gas industry.

What happens once the course is completed?

Once your portfolio is completed, you’ll be able to undertake your ACS Initial Assessment.

For anyone wanting to also work in a commercial setting, the three-week changeover course opens up that possibility.  

Should you want to expand your skill set even further, a Level 2 Plumbing qualification is a great way to build on your capabilities and offer customers a more complete service.

Book now for our Flexible Gas Training Course

Booking is now open for June intake on our new Flexible Gas Training course. If you need any extra information on what the training covers and whether it’s right for you, we recommend popping into our training centre for a chat. Alternatively, give us a call on 01322 280 202 or request a brochure online.