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First Gas course in the New Centre!

The first course started in our new gas training centre this week as a new group of students started their gas programmes. Richard has been teaching them as they started with a week of pipe skills training.


Our current group of gas students have been completing the Pipe Skills course this week and every single one of them have really enjoyed their time here so far. They will continue for the next three weeks completing their Gas Managed Learning Programme.

Richard is a Gas and Plumbing instructor at Able Skills and he is running this Gas Course. Richard is a Gas and Plumbing instructor at Able Skills and he is running this Gas Course.

Richard is a very experienced and knowledgeable plumbing and gas instructor at Able Skills and all his students always have high praise for him. He will be taking them throughout their whole course which is being run in our new training facilities here in Dartford.

These new students have had the privilege to be the first group to use the new training facilities and they have all mentioned how good this first week has been on the lead up to starting their gas programme.

At Able Skills you can do full plumbing and gas qualifications that will enable you to go out and work as a Plumber or Gas Engineer, or even both. We offer the courses separately, however, if you are looking to become a Plumber and Gas Engineer we have packages that allow you to do this within our centre.

We caught Richard carrying out a demonstration to his students yesterday and he was showing them how to pull two 90 degree bends using copper pipe. With his demonstration in great detail all students done very well with executing the task and they are now all ready to start their gas training next week. You can view the video of the demonstration here.

If you are interested in taking a Plumbing or Gas course at Able Skills, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01322 280202.