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Scott on his Gas Course at Able Skills

With one of our Gas Courses being exactly at their half way mark, we always like to check in with our students and see how they're doing. This is just one of the ways we monitor how effective our Gas Training Courses are in terms of training excellence and gather any tips on how we can better the centre.

Currently on the Qualified Plumber Gas Training Course with instructor Sam, is student Scott Morgan (pictured above). What's interesting about Scott is the fact that he first trained with Able Skills 10 years ago! It was here when he gained his first Plumbing Qualification on the City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course.

Currently offering his plumbing services for work at the moment (which we will talk more about), Scott is now looking to expand his skill set and successfully finish what we call the Qualified Plumber Gas Training Course. Here's more on how he's finding it and we also find out what his plans are after!

So What Were You Doing Before This Course?

Scott runs his own property maintenance company offering full time plumbing work, as well as offering kitchen & bathroom installs. After being very successful and seeing the demand for Gas Engineers within the work he does at the moment, Scott looks to add gas work to his list of services and expand his business further! When asked how business was going he simply replied with 'oh, very well!'. Good News!...

Has The Training So Far Met Your Expectations?

Yes it has met my expectations and my instructor Sam has been very helpful. He's always there to answer any questions I have and gives really good explanations. We get a lot of help and that's what I was after when I enrolled on the course.

And What About After The Course?

Well I'm going to get my Gas Portfolio done and luckily I have a company to do it with already! After that I'll do my ACS Exams so I can register with Gas Safe and become an official Gas Engineer.

The Qualified Plumber Gas Training Course is one of the many Gas Courses offered at Able Skills. This particular course is ran over a 5 week period and eliminates the need to get students' pipe skills up to scratch across 2 weeks, like the 7 week Gas Training Course does.

gas training courses

Able Skills Gas Training Courses are Bpec Accredited

So if you or anyone you know wants to learn a new skill in gas work, please get in touch to find out more. Here is where you'll find an extensive list of all Gas Courses offered and we'd love to see you pop down for an exclusive and inside look at exactly where you'll be training!

We wish Scott and his Sittingbourne based company 'RSM Property Maintenance LTD' all the best and look forward to seeing him pass his ACS Exams in the future! Good luck mate!