London-based emergency plumbing company, We Fix Now, has said that figures released by the Gas Safe Register (GSR) have emphasised just how important is for people to make sure they use an accredited plumber and gas fitter for work in their homes.

The research from the GSR indicated that, of the 100,000 people who had gas-related work carried out in their homes over the last year, 12 had been the victims of bogus and dangerous workers.

The GSR research also showed that one in three British homeowners would attempt to fit a gas appliance themselves or would use an uncertified technician if it meant they could pay less.

A spokesman from We Fix Now said that the findings from the GSR were quite alarming.

“Obviously we are in the midst of an economic downturn and people are looking for ways to reduce their outgoings, however it really is essentially to only let someone who is fully trained and certified carry out any work on your gas appliances,” the spokesman said.

“It is also important to be aware that gas engineers are also required to renew their membership at regular intervals, as do those employed by We Fix Now. However, even the best fitted boilers still pose a threat of carbon monoxide poisoning that can’t be ignored so for this reason it is important to fit a carbon monoxide detector in your home.”