Able Skills gas trainee gas engineer completing their gas portfolio with an Able Skills employed Gas Safe registered engineer. Completion of recording, documenting and verifying the practical gas work.

Able Skills is offering portfolio completion included within the gas engineer training packages. Any students will now have the option of completing their training with us, and completing their portfolio with a Gas Safe Registered Engineer employed by Wrightway Gas Services.

What’s the gas portfolio process at Able Skills and where does that fit into training to be a gas engineer?

Becoming a gas engineer has a certain number of necessary steps and qualifications that need to be fulfilled so that you can meet the required standard for Gas Safe Registration.

To become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, you will require:

  1. Training – A comprehensive training, by way of an accredited Managed Learning Programme (MLP)
  2. Portfolio – This proves your competence in real working environments by completing a portfolio of related gas works while under the supervision of a Gas Safe Registered Engineer
  3. ACS Exams – Approved Certification Scheme (ACS) exams in core domestic gas safety (CCN1) and boilers/water heaters (CENWAT)

You can find out more detail on each of the stages of training on the Gas Training Course for New Entrants.

What is the gas portfolio (work placement)?

The gas portfolio (work placement) is a combination of tasks that must be completed under the supervision of a Gas Safe registered engineer. It details any gas work a student has carried out with photographic evidence to back it up.

This evidence is used as proof that the student can carry out various elements of gas work in a safe and competent manner.

For that reason, the portfolio completion is a vital part of the process. After finishing your 8-week domestic gas training programme (MLP), you are deemed competent to carry out gas work under supervision. 

This next step toward Gas Safe Registration is a chance for trainee gas engineers to put their classroom learning and practical workshop experience into practice while supervised by a Gas Safe engineer.

During this time:

  • You will demonstrate that you can work with gas competently and safely. 
  • The Gas Safe Registered Engineer acts as your on-site recorder and verifies what you are doing.
  • This helps you to build a portfolio of evidence.

Gas portfolio completion at Able Skills

Here at Able Skills, you can be placed with a Gas Safe Registered Engineer who is employed by Wrightway Gas Services.

With their assistance, you will complete a number of different gas work scenarios on a variety of boilers to meet the requirements of the portfolio. We can give you guidance on how the portfolio evidence should be recorded.

What happens once I’ve completed my gas portfolio?

Once you have met the requirements of the work placement portfolio completion, you can move on to your formal gas assessments (ACS).

If you’re looking to begin your career in gas, our Gas Training Course for New Entrants will take you from having no prior experience right up to being ready for Gas Safe Registration. Find out more about the training packages, course availability and pay-as-you-train options here.