gas safe

A student on the early stages of his Gas Training Course

Gas Safe Register have researched into how people find a ‘Gas Safe Engineer’ and how many people don’t think to check if they are properly registered. Many people will judge on looks and body language etc. and not if they are actually working legally as a gas engineer.

Research carried out by Gas Safe has found that only two in five people make the effort to see if the gas engineer they hire is registered and working legally. Those who aren’t making these checks are putting themselves at risk of an engineer carrying out unsafe gas work in their home.

Unsafe gas work can kill, that’s why it is so important you hire a Gas Safe Engineer when getting someone to carry out gas work in your own home. If gas work is carried out incorrectly and illegally it can put you at serious risk of gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas Safe have also reported recently that a third of illegal gas work completed in the UK is deemed to be unsafe. They also reported that 75% of illegal gas work carried in homes across of London is unsafe and is seriously putting people at risk.

Making sure you check that your Gas Engineer’s got all the relevant qualifications could be life saving and you will not regret it. Gas Safe Register are cracking down on illegal gas engineers and many are now being jailed or given hefty fines for carrying out illegal work.

It is found that some people are getting incompetent training and are therefore going out to work illegally without the correct qualifications. Training correctly is so important and taking shortcuts is not an option.

Here at Able Skills we pride ourselves in offering gas training the right way and making sure no shortcuts are taken in the process to our students becoming gas safe engineers. We offer a range of Gas courses to meet everyone’s needs, whether they are New Entrants or Qualified Plumbers, we have the courses available.

Our courses are well structured to make sure you are getting the right training and learn how to carry out gas work correctly and most importantly safely.

Make sure that you are Gas Safe Registered when carrying out any gas work to avoid any jail time!