Gas Safety Week is a national safety campaign to raise awareness of the dangers that gas appliances can bring if fitted incorrectly or dangerously.

Every year there are poor fitted or maintained gas appliances in homes all across the UK and this is putting home owners at a serious risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and even explosions. Gas Safe have set up Gas Safety Week to work with organisations to help raise awareness of the dangers gas work can bring.

Carrying out gas work in people’s homes without the correct training and qualifications is illegal and prison sentences can be given to people who are found guilty of carrying out illegal gas work. It is surprising just how many people that aren’t aware of the dangers of gas work and that not just anyone can fit or fix a gas appliance.

The Gas Safe register allows people to find Gas Safe Registered Engineers in their local area who can carry out all gas work safely and legally. Gas Safe reported earlier in the year that people in Britain are far too trusting with people who come to work in their homes and will not check that they have the relevant qualifications.

‘Gas Engineers’ that don’t have the right training or qualifications are completing working illegally and therefore putting many lives at risk due to their poorly completed gas work. It is essential that all Gas Engineers make sure they get the right training and make sure they achieve the right qualifications that allow them to complete gas work safety and legally.

To become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer there are several different packages you can take to train at Able Skills. Depending on whether you have any previous plumbing qualifications or not, the package you take will differ. If you currently hold a Level 2 Plumbing qualification you can start with the three week Gas Managed Learning programme, if not you will begin with a five day Pipe Skills course and then go onto the three week gas course.

Here is one Able Skills student during his gas training on Gas Safety Week.

Here is one Able Skills student during his gas training on Gas Safety Week.

Gas Safety Week is running for its sixth year and it is doing extremely well in raising awareness of the dangers that gas appliances can bring to people’s homes if work is not carried out safely. You can learn all about Gas Safety Week, which runs from 19th – 25th September, on

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