Gas Safety Week is underway!


Gas Safety Week has officially started as of today! This year is the 10th anniversary of the event! The campaign by the Gas Safe Register is a chance to raise awareness towards general gas safety. Here at Able Skills as a provider of Gas training courses we are proud to be supporting Gas Safety Week 2020 - The campaign has started off today with some new statistics that show one in every five homes on the average British street houses at least one dangerous gas appliance, experts are calling on neighbours to consider not just the health of those they live nearest to, but also their safety by warning of The Ripple Effect – the devastating impact that one innocent gas safety slip can have on the whole community. - Today let's look at what's going on this week and how to get involved with gas courses at our centre...


Gas coruses

Gas Safety Week 2020, taking place 14 – 20 September.


What's the 'Ripple Effect'?


Gas Safety Week has started with a story piece outlining the dangers of Gas and subsequently the effects that faulty appliances can have on the surrounding areas, houses and people that live near the fault. the Ripple Effect short film tells the story of an ordinary neighbourhood, during an ordinary evening when an extraordinary event happens – a gas explosion rips through a terraced house with devastating consequences. But what caused it? You will have to check out their film below...



Want to become a Gas Engineer?


Thinking about a career in the gas industry? Becoming a Gas Engineer is a great opportunity and can be a very fulfilling career path. Becoming your own boss with this trade means that problems like the current pandemic can't control your employment status. There are many reasons why you might want to become your own boss. Not answering to anyone or dealing with colleagues less dedicated to the job as you. Things like deciding your own hours, when you work, where you work. The path from beginner to professional isn't easy, however, we try to make the process as simple as possible by compiling all of the needed training aspects into packages. We call these our New Entrant Gas Training Packages we even have packages for those who are working plumbers looking to add the skill of gas to their arsenal: Qualified Plumber Gas Training Packages.



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To find out more about the Gas training courses that we offer at our training centre here in Dartford, Kent feel free to call us on 01322 280 202. We are happy to answer any questions, provide advice and generally help you in choosing the best course to meet your personal career goals. You are also completely welcome to pay us a visit in person! No need for an appointment or even to call ahead, simply come and talk to a member of staff and even take a guided tour around the centre to see for yourself the great facilities we have on offer!


Ready for Gas training courses but live too far away? We have our own accommodation available exclusively to our students. Our accreditation is located just a short walking distance from our centre and is available for the reasonable price of just £20 per night! - If you are interested make sure to contact us ahead of your Gas training courses' starting date as spaces are limited!


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