Are you an experienced plumber now looking to train in gas? Discover more about our experienced plumbers' gas courses.

It's a common route for qualified plumbers to want to add gas to their existing plumbing skills. It allows you to offer a more complete service. It may lead to securing more work and possibly increasing earning potential. 

Even with some previous experience of gas work, from working under the supervision of a Gas Safe Registered gas engineer or business, a plumber will still need to gain certain qualifications before they can seek Gas Safe Registration.  

Anyone wanting to legally and safely carry out gas work must be a member of the Gas Safe Register.  

The standard route for training to be a Gas Safe Registered engineer 

The standard route for training if you’re wanting to become a Gas Safe Registered engineer usually covers four stages of training and assessment. 

  1. The first step is completing a training course relevant to your own experience with an industry-recognised organisation that meets Gas Safe requirements.  
  1. Next, there’s on-site portfolio completion under the supervision of a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. This will be used as evidence of your gas safety competence.  
  1. After that, it’s time to do the CCN1 via an Approved Certification Scheme (ACS). This assessment provides knowledge and skills relating to the safety regulations and procedures required by the latest British Standards. 
  1. Once these requirements have all been met, an engineer can apply for registration.   

An example of this training is the Able Skills New Entrant Gas Training Packages.  

Is the training route different for experienced tradespeople?  

If you’re an experienced tradesperson looking to gain the relevant qualifications to become Gas Safe Registered, then there is a specific course route which might be more suitable.  

The Experienced Trades Gas Training Packages (Domestic Gas Safety Training - LCL Awards Managed Learning Programmes) have been set up by us and specifically designed for: 

  • Individuals with experience in a related trade who are looking to gain the relevant qualifications to become Gas Safe registered.  
  • Tradespeople who are familiar with working in related areas, such as plumbing, or who are currently working under the supervision and training of a Gas Safe Registered company or person.  

When you enrol and start the course, we will ask you for verification of your experience. You will also need to do a short assessment. This will assess your knowledge, confirm your experience, and determine the length of training. If you are a qualified plumber or experienced tradesperson, the Guided Learning Hours (GLH) may be slightly reduced following a one-to-one skills audit at the centre.  

Gas Safe as standard 

We offer a range of gas courses to suit all levels of experience that will ensure you’re up to the standard needed for Gas Safe Registration. 

Working out which training route is right for you can be quite daunting. If you're not sure which gas training route is best for you based on your skills and experience and you would like to speak to someone on a more personal level, feel free to give us a call on 01322 280 202 or visit the centre at any time.