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There are many of you still out on the tools during these difficult times, it can be hard to know who should be on the job and who shouldn't and how to stay safe. Generally, if you can carry out work safely you are free to do so. These are confusing times, however, there has been some recent advice for working Gas Engineers. Here at Able Skills in Dartford, Kent we cannot wait to get back to providing our students with Gas training courses and doing what we do best...Preparing students for a new career in a new industry. At the moment our Gas courses have been put on hold and we will announce a return date when we know when it is safe to do so!


Gas courses

Gas Safe Registered Engineer.


If you are a Registered Gas Engineer you would have received an email regarding some information about ACS qualification, what to do about renewing your lapsed registration and how to contact them over at the Gas Safe Register they are also talking about things like Landlord Gas Safety Checks update. So, make sure that you give it a read, hopefully it will ease your mind about a few things, they also had this to say...


"We note that currently, the UK Government advice is that Tradespeople carrying out essential repairs and maintenance in people’s homes can continue work; providing that they are well and have no COVID-19 related symptoms. They must follow the advice on washing hands with soap and water before and after entering properties and regularly whilst undertaking work, or using hand sanitiser as an alternative; as well as maintaining a safe distance (at least 2 metres) from any household occupants. No work should be carried out in any household which is isolating or where an individual is being shielded, unless your work is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household, such as emergency plumbing or repair."  - Gas Safe Register 


Looking for training?


We offer 3-main gas packages that include the elements needed in order to prepare for gas safe registration (Training, portfolio completion and ACS assessments) such as our New Entrant Gas Training Package 2. These collections of courses are very hands-on and are taught by experienced instructors who have a wealth of knowledge on the topic of gas work! This 7-week gas training course will teach you to become an engineer from scratch! Covering a large range of topics we are confident that upon completion of this course and with the help of our talented instructors you can go on to start a successful life-long career!



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At this moment in time, our office is closed. Following the government's advice is critical to protecting the NHS and saving lives and getting back to normal as quickly as possible. However, during this time do your research and take a look through our website at the many different Gas courses and any other training that we offer. Prepare yourself as best you can with online materials and so on. Many thanks to all of the students bearing with the current situation we will work hard to get you back on track and to aspiring traders we hope to see you soon!


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