The Sunday Times wrote yesterday that graduates are finding it hard to find jobs in their chosen career path and that a lot of University graduates are finding they never actually work in their chosen career and end up changing in the future.

Official figures from have shown that 29% of graduates are actually earning less per hour than workers that went through the apprenticeship system.

It has been said that nearly a third of graduates have suffered from falling incomes in the last two years and their current jobs are less secure compared to workers that are involved with a skilled trade.

They spoke to us at Able Skills to see if we had any students that have got a degree, but have found it hard to get work and are now changing their career. They spoke to our current bricklaying student, Fraiser, he had completed a degree back in 2008 in graphic communications. He attend the University for the Creative Arts in Surrey and he tried to find a job that related to his career for three years with his student debt at £14,000.

Fraiser was part of the graduates in 2008 in graphic communications, he is now training to become a Bricklayer.

Fraiser was part of the Graduates in 2008 in graphic communications, he is now training to become a Bricklayer.

He later worked in the insurance industry for five years then later switched to installing playground equipment. Fraiser enjoyed the manual work and he came to Able Skills to learn how to become a Bricklayer, he took the eight week course and is doing extremely well and is really enjoying it.

Able Skills director, Gary Measures was also asked to speak with The Sunday Times about the 350 students that are currently training within the booming construction industry at Able Skills. He said “Many of them seem to have done business studies of some description. We come across many graduates who end up as waiters and in part-time jobs.”

Graduates that are finding it hard to find work after graduating should always consider alternatives just like Fraiser has. He is now really looking forward to his new career in the construction industry.

If you are interested in training in the construction industry, please do not hesitate to contact Able Skills on 01322 280202.