Have You Thought About The 1 Day 18th Edition Update Course?

1 day 18th Edition update course

An 18th Edition Class at Able Skills

18th edition

The latest Wiring Regulations

The exclusive 1 Day 18th Edition Update Course is open to those who have successfully completed the 17th Edition since the last amendment was published. Such course enables students to become up to scratch with the latest wiring regulations with the same 60 question - 2 hour exam, in a much shorter time. This proves to be a very handy course which we'll talk about in today's article.

Please note that if you haven't previously undergone the 17th Edition, you will still have to undergo the full 3 day 18th Edition Course. If you have however, then you immediately become eligible for this new course covering the changes that have been introduced into the latest wiring regulations as well as practice questions to prepare you even further for the big exam

What are the changes?

Well some of the changes you can expect to see in the 18th Edition include the following:

  • A new approach to main protective bonding
  • Changes to the rules on disconnection times and RCD protection for socket outlets
  • The reintroduction of Chapter 46 – Isolation and Switching
  • An update on surge protection, including a new lightning protection zone concept.
  • A new Appendix dealing with energy efficiency, and
  • Many updates and additions in all areas of the document.


Without the 18th Edition, you guys cannot legally carry out electrical installations. This officially comes into affect as of January 2019 and enables you guys to continue as a qualified Electrician. Needless to say, having completed your 1 day 18th Edition Update Course, you have a variety of follow up courses you become eligible for. Such courses include, Inspection and Testing 2391-52, Pat Testing and if you wish to go down the route of becoming a fully qualified Electrician, then the City & Guilds Accredited Level 2 Electrical Course is the perfect starting point for you.

If the 1 Day 18th Edition Update Course interests you, then please click here to find out more information about booking this course.