The ‘Housing Crisis’ in the UK is still a huge problem and the lack of quality and affordable homes in the South East of England is a worry. The plan to build one million new homes is being slowed due to the lack of skilled workers on the building sites.

The plans to build more homes is a great opportunity for work, however, the lack of workers is meaning that finding the right workers that are skilled and qualified to do the job is a harder task and therefore delaying the building process.

Although, this is a great opportunity for those people that are looking to change career or want to start their career in the construction industry. The work is available and if you can get the right skills and qualifications there is no shortage of work so it is the perfect time to be working in the construction industry. Also, as the demand for workers is so high companies are paying more for the skilled workers.

However, due to more people wanting to get on site and working as quick as possible they are completing the wrong courses and not achieving the qualifications that will allow them to get on site. All construction sites are now only allowing people to work if they hold a valid CSCS Card. This can be achieved through an NVQ qualification, which will mean you have the right set of skills to work on site.


At Able Skills we have courses available in eight different trades, meaning you will never be short of options. Each trade we deliver training courses for we offer the NVQ qualification as well as the site assessments that are needed to complete the NVQ.

We run courses in:

All trades have a shortage of skilled workers that are qualified on site that are able to help with the ‘Housing Crisis’ so jobs are certainly available.


If you are already an experienced worker in any of the trades but you don’t have the correct qualification, then we have an experienced worker route that allows you to gain the right qualification if, you can prove evidence you are an experienced worker.

If you are looking for a new career then you should know it is never too late to retrain and the work is available in the construction industry due to the housing crisis and skills shortage.

Come down and visit our centre between 8:30 - 4:30 if you are interested or contact us on: 01322 280202.