Whether it's major life events such as having a child or moving in with a partner, turning the spare room into an office or it simply being time for a refresh, we all have our own different reasons and inspirations when it comes to redecorating. 

According to research conducted by British furniture retailer Feather & Black, a quarter of people in the UK like to redecorate their homes every year, with 18% saying they do so as often as every six months. 

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, these figures increase further when it comes to those aged 25-34, with nearly 30% of this age bracket redecorating every six months. Another noteworthy finding was that men (21%) are more likely to want a six-month revamp than women (17%). 

Which rooms do we redecorate the most?

Unsurprisingly, the rooms in which we spend the most time usually lead the way in terms of popularity for redecorating, meaning the living room often takes priority, along with the bedroom and kitchen.

What are the leading reasons to redecorate?  

We all have different reasons for redecorating, from keeping up with interior trends and replacing wear and tear to maximising functional space or sprucing up a home to increase its value before selling. 

With more people now working remotely, home offices have also become increasingly sought after, with many people converting spare bedrooms into somewhere they can log on for the day. 

Why it could be worth investing in DIY training

Being able to complete these tasks without relying on the services of a professional tradesperson doesn’t just save you a potentially small fortune, but also means you can work to your own schedule and not one of often busy, booked-up professionals. There is also a rewarding sense of satisfaction that comes with being able to complete tasks yourself.

Given the frequency with which many of us are choosing to redecorate our homes, investing in an introductory painting and decorating course could be a worthwhile decision. 

This short course will teach you how to safely and confidently carry out common DIY tasks, from the proper preparation of a work area and how to apply different kinds of paint to the correct way to cut, paste and hang wallpaper. 

You can find more information about our Introduction to Painting and Decorating course here