Whatever your trade or business, what your customers say about you is vital when it comes to your ability to gain new customers and repeat business. Online reviews and recommendations are rapidly becoming one of the most influential factors taken into account by prospective customers when deciding which company to give their business to.

Some small business owners or tradesmen may view this as a potential problem, but in truth it should be a trend that you embrace. This is because it is actually incredibly easy to ensure that you or your company get positive reviews, without having to do much outside of your normal work practices.

What you will find below is a small collection of hints and tips which should help you to make sure that your website and online profiles are chock full of glowing reviews.

Be reliable and don’t mess people around

It isn’t a difficult or complicated concept, but being a tradesman or company who always keeps their word, turns up when they say they will, and keeps appointments will go a long way toward ensuring positive customer reviews.

This should be a given, but appointments made with customers should take precedence over personal errands and almost anything else besides. This is crucial as a tradesman who messes customers around and proves an inconvenience to them is not one who that customer will review positively, never mind use again.

Be punctual

Almost as bad as a workman who cancels appointments or fails to turn up, is one who can’t be relied upon to arrive on time. Being punctual should be one of the utmost considerations of a tradesman and is an easy way to reassure a customer that you are trustworthy and reliable.

Roll on to the end of the job then, and the words trustworthy and reliable are likely to be amongst those used in that customer’s review of your work.

Always maintain the highest standards

Regardless of almost all other considerations, the final standard of the work you do will always remain the thing which customers judge you on. That means that regardless of any extraneous factors like tight deadlines, small budgets, or difficult customers, you must always work to the highest possible standard that you can.

The very best tradesmen will not deem any part of a job to be complete unless it is of a standard that they would be happy with in their own home. This is arguably the best and most effective way of ensuring that your customers too, will be happy with the job and will review you positively.

Be tidy

It is another simple idea, but if you leave a site looking untidy it will annoy your customers no end. It gives them work to do to tidy up and leaves them with a lasting opinion of you as a sloppy and lazy worker. Those are by no means the final thoughts that you want a customer to have if they are subsequently going to be leaving a review about you. It takes a few minutes to tidy up the area that you are working in at the end of the day, with a thorough clean of the site when the work is completed, customers really do appreciate it.