Are you keen to go solo as a carpenter and become self-employed? While the chance to negotiate your own rates, complete work to your own high standards and escape “the boss” is very tempting, going it alone comes with its own raft of problems. Are you properly insured? How do you protect your equipment? Where is your base? How are you going to drum up custom? How are you going to handle your taxes?

This blog has been written to give you a quick guide to using branding to build your own carpentry business. We’ve never been more brand-centric as consumers here in the UK, which means that giving yourself a clear identity as a business is a big part of getting recognised and building your reputation. So, how can you turn your carpentry service into a brand – and turn that brand into more jobs that you can shake a roof joist at?

1. What’s your message?

Before you start crafting logos and brainstorming business names, you need to identify the image you want to convey to potential customers. Are you more efficient that the run of the mill carpenter? Do you charge very competitive rates? Do you specialise in really artisan stuff? Write down the 5 main reasons somebody should choose you over your competitors. Then create your brand, making sure it conveys the things which make you so great.

2. Image is everything

We’re a shallow bunch, us human beings. We tend to judge a book by its cover. That’s why a great, high-quality logo is an essential part of good branding. Not especially arty? Don’t worry, there are tonnes of freelancer sites out there full of graphic designers who can put something that looks great together for a very reasonable fee. Make sure you give your designer a clear brief, and share your list of selling points with them too. The more information they have, the better the job they’ll do!

Once you’re happy with your finished logo, make sure you exhibit it everywhere. From a wrap on your van to your website and business cards. It’s worth spending a little more to ensure your stuff is of a high quality too. The more professional you look and the more effort you put into presenting your business, the more trust you’ll earn and the better first impression you’ll make.

3. What’s in a name?

Whether you intend to use you own name for your carpentry business (R.J. Dean Carpentry, for example) or want to coin something which helps you to stand out from the crowd, your business name is really important. Make sure you:

  • Choose something which appeals to your typical customers
  • Keep it clear, short and sweet
  • Avoid puns
  • Make sure your name doesn’t spell anything weird when it’s used as your website address
  • Don’t use “Inc” unless you’re actually incorporated

Follow these simple steps and make sure your branding is used consistently on all of your marketing materials and you’ll enjoy better recognition, make your business more memorable and start seeing more custom in no time.