A huge number of unsafe gas appliances have been found in the first half of the year - stay safe!

Some very concerning statistics have been released recently outlining the number of unsafe appliances in peoples homes - gas engineers have detected a shocking 26,000 unsafe or dangerous gas and electric appliances during home visits in the first seven months of this year. It is currently Gas Safety Week! We are promoting safe gas work, trying to raise awareness of safety overall.

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Make sure all gas appliances are checked this Christmas by Gas Safe Engineer!

The most common faulty appliances found were boilers and cookers which are two things that are constantly in use in peoples homes so knowing that some people are living with faulty appliances is very concerning. If you plan on getting a gas engineer to come and inspect your property make sure that they are 'Gas Safe Registered' - statistics show that people are still searching online for CORGI registered engineers - which have not been the governing body of registration for a number of years!

People tend to put off getting their home inspected - it has come to light that some homeowners haven't had their electrical wiring or gas appliances checked in 10 to 20 years, which is a concern. Don't ignore it this could protect your family and yourself from dangers like carbon monoxide poisoning!

What is the Gas Safe Register?

The 'Gas Safe Register' is the official gas registration body for the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey, since 2009 - appointed by the relevant Health and Safety Authority for each area. By law, all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register! The purpose of this registration body is to ensure that the public and the engineer are safe. They do this by inspecting the work of Gas Safe registered engineers and investigating reports of illegal gas work. Additionally keeping the list up-to-date and accurate means that they can keep unqualified workers out of the industry.

Gas training?

If you are looking for Gas courses then you are in the right place, we have over 18+ years of experience teaching a range of different trades. Gas is one of our more popular courses, we have dedicated courses for new entrants so if you're new to the skill but you are looking to become a Gas Safe Engineer then the New Entrant Gas Training Packages are for you they include all the necessary learning and assessments to begin the path to a new career!

Qualified plumber looking for Gas training?

Already a qualified plumber? Looking for gas training? You're in luck! We have devices specific courses that act as a faster route for those who are already working as a plumber - the two trades are very similar so it makes sense for us to run courses dedicated to plumbers! Our Qualified Plumber Gas Training Packages are Bpec acreddited and include both hands-on practical learning as well as the teaching of theory surrounding gas!

Why would you want to add gas to your skillset?

Well...firstly, the additional skill will help you to earn more money - the ability to carry out both plumbing and gas work will make you a more versatile worker and is especially valuable for being self-employed!  Secondly, the trades are so similar it makes it easy for a professional in one to pick up the other. A lot of the services Gas & Heating Engineers provide include a lot of pipe skills, especially when it comes to radiators and bathrooms etc.

Additional Information:

If you need some additional information about gas safety check the Gas Safe Register website - for any of the Gas courses talked about throughout this article or for bookings...Do not hesitate to get into contact with us, you can do this is a couple of ways, firstly give us a call on 01322 280 202 and we can assist you in choosing the right course for you, provide information and guide you on the best path to achieving your goals. Alternatively, you can come into our office, to discuss Gas courses or any other training that we provide, which is located in the middle of our training centre Unit 5, here in Dartford, we are easy to find as we are just a short walk away from the train station.

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