We have a fantastic team of instructors here at Able Skills in all the trades. With the majority being here for a long period of time. Ian has been here at Able Skills for over 10 years now in our Gas and Plumbing department. He has successfully been teaching plumbing courses and gas courses.

Ian is highly experienced in the plumbing and gas industry having worked in it all his career. Starting with an apprenticeship in plumbing and gas which he completed over a 5-year period and then he went on to work domestically in plumbing and gas.

However, it was never in Ian’s plans to go into teaching, he fell into it but has never looked back. He started off teaching practical classes to students at Crawley College. After achieving his teaching qualifications, he worked his way up to the highest level. Overall Ian has now been working in teaching for nearly 20 years.

Over 10 years ago he began his journey with Able Skills. He has been teaching and assessor a range of gas and plumbing work. From teaching the Gas Managed Learning Programme and the domestic and commercial courses to assessing on the gas. Ian, along with his partner in crime, Roy have been central to everything that has happened in our gas department. Between them they have designed and helped install every gas training centre we have here at Able Skills. They have put in long hours to get each centre to the high standards they need to be at.


Ian has been working here at Able Skills for over 10 years now!

Along with all this Ian also built the Fault-Finding course that is new to our gas programme here at Able Skills. It has proven to be a huge success with qualified gas engineers and Able Skills gas students.

Ian is now extremely proud of the Gas and Plumbing team here at Able Skills and together they all work extremely hard to give each and every student the best possible training.

If you would like to be taught by Ian or any of our other gas instructors, please contact us today on 01322 280 202.