The Gas Safe Register recently released a new television advert which highlights the dangers of employing unaccredited gas workers, alongside tips on its website on how to make sure the engineer is Gas Safe registered.

According to figures from the body, 74 per cent of gas fittings in UK households have the potential to cause harm if not reinstalled or fixed by a registered worker, while 12 per cent could be immediately deadly due to potential carbon monoxide poisoning, fires or explosions.

Its website also gives hints on how to spot illegal cowboys and it is advised that homeowners go online to check that the person is on the register and has an ID card when met for the first time.

In addition, certain workers may only be registered for pipe or boiler jobs and the register encourages Brits to check that they have the necessary permission to install gas appliances.

At the start of April the Corgi gas register was replaced by Gas Safe in Britain, which now contains a listed 120,000 legally-accredited engineers.

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