‘Let’s Inspire Inclusion’ – International Women’s Day 2024

At Able Skills, we hope that anyone who wants to learn a construction trade feels inspired to do so.  Unfortunately, the construction industry has struggled with its reputation for being male-dominated for a long time and for numerous reasons it’s not typically seen as an appealing career path to many women.

However, recent research shows that things are starting to shift.  This is mirrored by our own experience at Able Skills, as we’ve seen an increase in the number of women undertaking training with us. We hope that the perception of the industry is changing.  

On this year’s International Women’s Day, we asked two current Able Skills students for any advice they could offer that would help inspire other women who were thinking of learning a trade.

First up is Louise Pitts, a multi-skilled tradeswoman who provides home improvement services, running her own business called ‘Her Home Improvements’.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Louise recently as she was back at Able Skills doing a bricklaying course.

Louise’s advice:

  1. Don’t let fear or apprehension prevent you from learning a trade. It’s not as scary as it might seem.
  2. You can absolutely do it, no matter where you are in life. Learning is empowering and you never know where it might take you, who you might meet, or what will come next.
  3. Be patient with yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everything you do is progression.

Next, we asked Jessica Rose, a plumber in training doing the Level 2 plumbing course via home study with us. On Instagram (@plumbingjess), she is documenting her journey of becoming a qualified plumber and gas engineer.  

Jessica’s advice:

  1. Reach out to others and ask questions! Some of the best help and advice has come from chatting to others in the trade industry via social media.
  2. Test out different trades if you’re unsure and do short courses to get a taster and ask to shadow people! I find the trade community so supportive and want to help new people who are passionate about getting into a trade!
  3. Do not worry about not being strong enough, or big built! This was my number 1 worry! You will gain natural strength over time and there’s always someone willing to help! Everyone’s new at some point.